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Re: Mind your grammar

As a followup to my recent post... </p>

It got weirder, then had a positive outcome.

  1. Cassandra Malandri (per porn-star name is “Alexia Moore”) and Falynn Rodriguez are the accused women.
  2. The judge didn’t let them off the hook due to the paperwork saying “and” instead of “or”. If this was traffic court it would have gotten them off, but his isn’t traffic court.
  3. The tabloids were already going wild with the story (a great excuse to talk about sex on the front page), and then the police released a video taken during the arrest, which make the tabloids go even wilder.
  4. It turns out that it is common in these situations that the prosecutor subpoenas the husband/partner of the accused so that their location can be controlled: they can be forced in or out of the court room at the prosecutor’s will. This is usually done to prevent the spouse from causing trouble in the court room. However, the persecutor needs a reason to issue a subpoena, so a fictional reason is often created. In this case, the prosecutor claimed that many of Alexia’s porn films she claims to be a lesbian and that he feared that she might claim that a lesbian wouldn’t proposition a man for paid sex. Thus, he needed her fiance to serve as a witness that she was not, in fact, a lesbian.
  5. Newspapers went wild with the story. (especially the tabloids.)
  6. Her lawyer made a public statement that (1) they weren’t going to use “the lesbian defense”, (2) such a defense doesn’t exist, and would be stupid to attempt, (3) he’s not stupid.
  7. Last week Falynn Rodriguez was declared not guilty by the judge.
  8. This week Cassandra Malandri was declared not guilty by the judge.
Normally such accusations would result in a fine and never go to court. This went to court because a guilty verdict would be used as part of the case against New York’s “Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club”. Now that both women were found not guilty, the future of the bigger court case is iffy.

Personally, as a fan of Alexia Moore’s work, I’m glad she’s off the hook. Sadly, she’s now being quoted as saying she’s looking for work in another industry.

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Can she program in C++ or Java? :)

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