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Google Voice app for iPhone

Apple blocked Google's iPhone app, so Google responds by making a web-based version that works just as well, if not better. Great way to say "fuck you, Apple."

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I've just switched on the forwarding from my main cell number back into GV. Should be interesting to see. (That's the non GV voicemail function, basically.)

I'm looking forward to the new interface. I like the top numbers thing already...

I'm not particularly enamored of either side in this battle (no offense intended), but I love that move.

Apple's efforts to control everything they make can't go on forever. They have some good reasons but also bad ones.

They ought to take a lesson from 1975. I think that was the year. Apple and Radio Shack were competitors, and RS tried to prevent third party software from being published for their computers. Eventually, they saw the folly of their ways. This time around, Apple is making a similar mistake.

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