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Job opening in NYC

My employer (Google) has openings for people that are experts in Google Docs who want to do customer support. It is an entry-level position requiring good people and technical skills, but not a system administration position.

Email me at tal at what exit dot org if you want more info.


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Unfortunately it also makes it very difficult to know *why* they've turned you down. I can take some wild guesses, but am reliably informed that it could be anything from simply having already had enough suitable people's packets show up that week to someone on the committee not having had their coffee.

Or because one is genuinely not up to scratch, but they won't *tell* you that.

I am in no sense bitter, just a little peeved that I have no idea why my application didn't get past the on-site. Because if I knew what the problem was I could spend some time concentrating on improving that part of my skillset! I really liked what I saw, for a sysadmin a Google SRE gig looks about as good as you can get.

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