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How 'bout us Democrats?

Hey fellow Democrats!

Are you a progressive that is pissed off at the Democrats? These jokes will give you a chuckle.

Are you a mainstream Dem that loves what's going on? Try these jokes on for size.

Are you a conservative Dem? Linky linky for you.

Personally I'm pissed off and borderline depressed.

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For my entire lifetime, the plan has been: hijack the Democratic party, and try to turn it into something useful. The (entirely sensible) rationale being that it's easier to take over the apparatus of an existing major party (something that's happened in our general political lifetimes: cf Goldwater->Reagan) than to try to actually kill off and replace a major political party, which has happened basically two or three times in the country's entire history. (Or change to a system where multi-party coalitions made any sense, which has happened exactly zero times.)

It's still theoretically the smart plan, but these days, I'm beginning to seriously wonder if it isn't time for the Democrats to just go the way of the Whigs.

But then again, I'm far from the first person to think that, and frankly these are far from the most dire circumstances in which the thought has occurred to people. Time and demographics are still largely on our side, but god am I not looking forward to having to wait until Harry Reid's generation is all entombed before seeing any actual political reform happen in this country.

It is plausible, whether it's actually right or wrong, for the best medium-term strategy to be to build a new party. But don't get attached to the new party name. If the new party actually has a coherent program and starts getting 15-20% of the vote, large sections of the platform will be adopted an existing party, probably the Democrats.

That may in fact be the most accessible way to make the Democratic Party useful, though that's not how I'd bet.

If one asks the wrong questions the answers don't matter.

Look for the causes behind the noise. Follow the money.

If wrong choices were made, try to figure out why. If the outcome of an action did not correspond to the plan, what part of the plan was malformed?

There were some who said the new president wouldn't change much. They seemed to have been proven largely right. Why were they correct? Is there analysis useful for predicting the future or just hate'n?

The same thing happened with Clinton in year 1-2 and carter before that. All those sweet nothings during the campaign were just that. Why is the question.

Understanding the situation is the first step towards fixing the situation.

I think I have a crush on you.

Thanks for the sensible words.

A lot has changed. All the minutia that the newscasters don't cover has changed: science is back in NSF, LGBT government workers have rights again, policy after policy that was bad has been stopped, or policies that were halted have moved forward, etc. Yes, the big changes like national healthcare haven't changed, but the things that hit me day-to-day have moved forward.

Those things don't make news headlines but they are very important.

I'm not back-tracking about what I linked to in the top of this thread, but I wanted to point out that it isn't "nothing has changed".

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>> Personally I'm pissed off and borderline depressed.
I sort of bounce between those two with a sturdy dose of fatalism. I'm taking a break from reading up on certain types of politics at the moment. Still keeping with the Prop 8 Trial Tracker, but other than that, giving myself some time off, partially cause I'm utterly swamped with work, and politics is the sort of habit I have to be fairly strict with.

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