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Dear lazyweb: movie reference

There's a movie where a student is very nervous about a big exam. I think she has a bad dream about it too.

The last scene the professor hands out blue books and tells the students the exam has one question. He flips over the chalkboard and you see he has written, "Complete this sentence: The essence of business writing is..."

She writes "Brevity" in the blue book and turns it in.

Over the closing credits you see the professor grading papers, and he marks hers with an A+

What movies is this?

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I have no idea. and since I have time to spare I searched around online and no luck yet. But I'll keep looking.

Remember any actors who were in this movie?

My Google search for "brevity in the blue book" produced this exact entry.. hahaha!

yeah me too. all my searches with all of the words in various order only brought me back to this exact entry!

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