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Question for Apple

This week Apple will have its quarterly phone call with stock analysts. People usually waste their time asking questions that the executives can't or won't answer, or have carefully crafted responses (sometimes full of info, usually not).

Here's the question someone should ask:

Analyst: As I'm sure you've heard, Microsoft just announced that in Windows 7.1 all applications, no matter how big or small, will need to be approved by Microsoft itself. Are you considering something similar for for the Mac OS X operating system?

Apple, of course, will reply saying that they hadn't heard that and that they would be surprised if it were true.

THen, you've set them up for the perfect reply: OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T ANNOUNE THAT What dumb-fuck company would do that to its users? How in this day and age can YOU get away with that on the iPhone without getting your ass handed to yourself in a DoJ anti-trust lawsuit? Un-censor the app-store!!!

Oh well, I can dream.

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That's one of a few reasons that I'll never buy an iPhone.

I would prefer not to get my phone apps from the crime-fest that is the Android Market, thank you.

Google is not a government. It cannot censor.

Well then you'll be happy to know that you can get your phone apps by uploading them from your home computer, where you complied them from source code. Or you can get them on an SD card from your friend who wrote hers from scratch. Or you can get them by downloading them from a trusted source that ISN'T the Android Market.

That is, if you're using Android.

Oh yeah, and you can do this without jailbreaking your phone, if you're using Android.

I’m clearly missing some context for these statements. What about the Android Market makes you call it a crime-fest? (For instance, are you talking about the apps that are there, or are you talking about how developers are treated by the market?)

Also, I’m not clear what the connection is to talking about Google censoring. Are you saying that you define censorship as something that only governments can do, and that if therefore Google blocks lots of apps from the market, that's not censorship (and presumably you’re implying that that’s OK and you want them to do that)?

(As an aside, the idea that only governments can censor strikes me as a strange one, but I suppose you can define the word that way if you want to; we have different words for killing when done by governments and private citizens, for instance.)

Sounds like by your logic the DOJ should go after Whole Foods and force them to sell Cheetos.

What if you could only buy gas for your Ford from Ford-approved gas stations?

I'm not really interested in having one company decide what programs I can and can't run on my computer. That's why I'll never buy an iPhone.

So given that you can easily buy a number of non-iPhone products, again, how is this a DOJ issue?

You know, I don't actually mind that Apple vets the applications which it provides for the iPhone via its App Store.

I believe, but I'd have to spend a bit of effort to look it up, and I'm too lazy for that at the moment to deal with it now, that the Google Android store okayed an application which was successful at harvesting a variety of user information that it should have had no business having access to before being caught at it. And except for a few early exceptions with a couple of games snagging contact info, that's not yet really happened with the iPhone.

What I do mind about the Apple iPhone App Store is that its policies are enacted in a very haphazard and completely opaque way. As well as, sometimes, being enacted in completely bizzaro fashions. Occasionally, they're from another world there, and it's totally weird. And that's not okay. They have been streamlining their processes and I'm hopeful that they will be normalizing and becoming less opaque as to their requirements and desires in the future.

But, the functionality of my cell phone as a cell phone, and the sanctity of my data that is stored on that cell phone is incredibly important to me. And I'd rather have a heavy-handed "big brother" looking over my shoulder to protect my interests than to have a free-for-all hosted on my most very personal device.

Also, anything done to increase the security of Windows, even if it's disturbingly draconian, would be nothing but a good thing. Because, quite frankly, my world has sucked an awful lot because of WIndows security vulnerabilities. My world has been completely pleasant due to Apple and Mac security vulnerabilities. How many security vulnerabilities have the organizations you have worked for have been caused by Apple machines being compromised?

just this morning i made my shareholder vote for the apple annual meeting

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