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My new political theory (beta test 1)

A Libertarian is a politician that read a textbook on economics, and became a pessimist.

A [X] is a Libertarian that read a book on behavior economics, and became an optimist.

What is the term for X?

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I got nothin'.

I don't understand your analogy, because to me Libertarians are idealists. They're a lot like socialists, except with a conservative rather than liberal worldview. I can't figure out how to see them as "pessimist" in an intuitive enough sense to be able to properly map that feeling onto your second statement and solve for X.

I've also heard: "Libertarianism is Anarchism for rich people", which isn't quite accurate but has a very big grain of truth to it.

I also don't quite follow. Libertarians are anarchists who are ardent capitalists. They're basically evil. I hope you're not considering becoming one!

I disagree that libertarians are pessimists. We're the ultimate optimists. We believe that the people, left to their own devices and with no government meddling, will do the right thing. I've read economic textbooks, and remain optimistic about individuals' ability to determine their own actions without the need for State interference.

So, your analogy is based on a flawed premise. Or perhaps the answer is:

X = Libertarian

Most libertarians I encounter on the net know next to nothing about economics. Assuming that they've read an economics book (and Ayn Rand does not count) is giving them way too much credit.

Libertarians are pessimists about centralized government, not on economics. They tend to be optimists about individuals.

Libertarians also tend to be perfectionists who tend to see things with any flaws as failures.

as for X ... I'm not sure if anything relevant fits into that box.

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