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5 years from now, we'll take this kind of thing for granted (like kids today don't know what the world was like before Tivo).

Google releases Google Goggles

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They need to implement "What's near me?" for maps.google.com from all interfaces (computer, any smartphone, etc.) I could have used that last night... and many other times.

Android's GPS navigation software has What's nearby and if you visit google.com from your iPhone or Android device in a few weeks, clicking "Near me now" will get you the same thing.

Is that what you mean? It's rolling out starting yesterday and will appear consistently in the next few weeks.

What I was saying is that I would love it if this feature were available to all users of Google Maps, not just those who own an Android or an iPhone. I would love to be able to go to maps.google.com ON MY COMPUTER and use this feature. I would love this feature to be available via Google Maps ON MY TREO. I don't have an iPhone or an Android, and I'm not switching my cell phone provider in order to get one.

This kind of thing is coming to maps in general, especially mobile maps.

Does Google Maps automatically figure out where you are when you use it on your Treo?

No, it doesn't automatically figure out where I am, because I don't have GPS functioning on my phone (I think). But I can put in my current address or zoom in on a map, at which point "what's nearby" would be helpful.

If your phone doesn't have a GPS, I though Google made a "best guess" based on your IP address. I could be wrong. When you go to http://maps.google.com does it default to your current city? Do you use the web version of maps or the Treo app?

On the computer it does default to my current address, because I set my default location like that. Before I set my default location it would just show me the whole US map.

On my phone I use the Treo app, and it defaults to the last place that I looked up.

Ah, I guess the Treo app hasn't been updated in a while.

Hopefully they'll add that feature!

I just hope that while we jumpstart all this cool tech we keep up with actual usable UIs.

Usability is always the biggest challenge. What I've noticed about the visual search stuff is that the better systems get at image recognition, the less UI is needed because it sees what you want. (that pun was not intended when I started writing this)

This sort of thing reminds me of the Locative Art in Spook Country. Eventually they will put this into something like sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Reality is going to get much weirder, very soon.

When I can point Google Goggles at a person and find any naked pictures of them on the Interwebs, that's when it'll be a killer app. ;-)

Sooner than you'd think.

*mwah* Love you, Tom.

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