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"Worn down by racism," Former South Harrison Mayor steps down from council

This isn't supposed to be what public service is about:
A man who says he endured slashed tires and death threats just before he became rural South Harrison Township's first black mayor is stepping down.
Charles Tyson announced Monday that he would leave the township council today, in part, because he said he is worn down by racism.
Tyson had already given up his position as mayor of the town of 2,700.
It wasn't enough they got him to step down from running the town, they had to get him off council from making any decisions at all.  

[Copied from bluejersey]

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Wait... What?!?!?! racism in south Jersey you say? naaaaah... never happens ~sarcasm~

So, basically the same shiat the birthers, teabaggers, and the rest of the neoracists are pulling on Obama, only on a smaller scale.

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