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Good bye to bad rubbish

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Sadly, I doubt we've seen the last of him, especially here in New Jersey.

Now the question is whether his "new opportunities" lie at Fox News, where they won't care if he questions the President's citizenship, or in running for some political office. It will be interesting to see.

Errm, you think you'll be happier with him as a candidate than as a CNN commentator?
It's not like the millions who agree with him today are going to stop agreeing with him just because he's not on CNN's dime...

Oh yeah, I forgot... when someone is kicking me in the eye I shouldn't stop them, I should be glad that they aren't kicking someone else's eye.

Er, no - my point is that I expect he plans to go on to more effectively kick you in the eye

Yes, but now the advertisers are a bit more afraid to advertise on his channel (when he gets to Fox); and that's a good thing.

Err, how do you connect those dots?

He left after an intense boycott of the advertisers that bought time on his show.

Even the ones that did an even distribution on TV based on viewership got stung and modified their formulas to avoid his show.

This wasn't a random decision. It was a leave-while-you-can situation.

In-teresting. Which means, effectively, that he's likely to a) now go to fox, and b) be targeting the slightly-more-left-than-Glenn-Beck's-listeners market.

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