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Huh. The site Tom pointed to is funnier.

I think it's funniest that not just one but both exist.

The author of this site seems to be threatened and offended by the women... whoops, I mean the females... in xkcd.

I was hoping they were just trying to be funny. Oh no, xkcd portrays females as intellectually equal to men!

I think Munroe imagines himself as the male character and highlights his own foibles. He gives himself less frequent permission ot make light of women. So if you see the male character as emblematic of all men, rather than mostly Munroe, it would be easy to agree with blog authors.

Someone should explain the humor of xkcd to those guys, that would at least give them a fair shot at putting it down.

I'll nominate the guy from http://xkcdsucks.blogspot.com to do that job. They're a bit more negative on the whole comic, but at least seem to know why.

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