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Google Navigation announced

Voice-acivated GPS for your car. Software available on any Android phone, starting with the Verizon Droid.

Check out the demo: He says, "Navigate to the museum with the king tut exhibit in san francisco" and Google figures out what he means and plans the route.

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Ya can't get theah from heah.

Sure, but does it have *historical* data? I'm wondering if it can handle Boston-style directions like "Show me the route starting where they're trying to get permits to put in a department store, turning left where the hotel used to be, going past the Johnson place (nothing visible naming it that, and no one named Johnson having lived there since the 60s...*18*60s), then to the third house on the right (actually second, since one of those is actually a water works substation) a quarter mile past where that oak fell over in the last hurricane.". *That* would impress me.

Re: Ya can't get theah from heah.

"Turn left where the big oak used to be, then turn right where the Johnson boys had that big fight 5 years ago."

Better yet... it could give directions like: "Turn left at the second to last traffic light"

Re: Ya can't get theah from heah.

That would be a perfect April Fool's Day setting!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Ya can't get theah from heah.

*grin* Ok, Laurie Anderson did it best. Still, Saturday Night Live had a pretty good go at it too.

Does it direct you to canoe through the Panama Canal?

Or kayak to Hawaii. (From Seattle, after starting by car in the San Francisco bay area...)

So, is arrival of a real Android phone on a real provider (not AT&T) going to pose a dilemma for you iPhone types? ;-)

Nope, I shall keep my iPhone. AT&T has always been my provider, and I've always gotten reasonable to good service from them.

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