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What was in my office?

What was the thing that, in all these years, I was surprised to realize had never been in my office before?

A 4-port KVM switch.

While installing it I thought, "gosh, I can't believe I've never had one of those in my office before" and then instantly thought, "...and if I said that to my friends, I wonder what wonderfully perverted things people would say I must be talking about".

Thanks for proving me right.

(Well, sort of... a lot of the guesses were like "a scanner". No, I've had a scanner of one kind or another years. :-) )

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VNC not good enough for ya? ;)

Nope. I'm doing OS installs and stuff that VNC won't help with.

A KVM switch? Huh, that's definitely not something I expect. I wouldn't be surprised if you had it in your office, but I certainly wouldn't have thought of it as among the things you'd probably have in your office, and am not the least bit surprised that you never did. I've never had one, that I can recall, anywhere outside of a server room.

Yeah, I'm building a little cluster in myhome office and when I need to reload the OS i will need console access.

Weird, eh?

it lets you use 1 keyboard/video/mouse for 4 computers.

I have one of those but don't really use it any more.

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