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Sex: The Anabel Chong Story

Review: wow, I remember when all the porn industry was talking about her record-breaking 251-man gangbang. (Actually, I think I remember seeing the adverts looking for men to participate). The documentary is quite interesting. I had no idea she was a gender studies major while making the video.

They say the secret to good documentary making is "access". Well, it's amazing they got to follow her with a camera before the big event, during the big event, and for years following (including talking with her parents who had no idea what their daughter was doing).

As far as documentaries go: Technical quality: C+. Story: A-


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i love that this is available thru netflix

it's at the top of my queue now!

Heh, Netflix tells me I watched this over 5 years ago. Kind of a neat little feature there.

I remember it being vaguely OK, but I guess I gave it 2 stars.

A 251-man gang-bang sounds like a logistical nightmare. According to Wikipedia: "[...] 251 sex acts with about 70 men over a ten-hour period [...]" - still a logistical nightmare, but a factor of 3.5x fewer people to manage.

The documentary showed the logistics.

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