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RIP Soupy Sales

I remember watching him on TV as a kid, and while driving to work each afternoon in highschool. He was on WABC AM ratio and did some hilarious stuff. His radio show was for adults, obstensibly so was the TV show he did for kids in the 50s/60s.

The fact that his death is page 3 news in The Star Ledger this morning is a shame. This should be front page news, like when Sinatra died.

Wikipedia explains the last day of his radio show:
Sales was taken off the air in the middle of his show. He had begun to complain to the audience that his contract had not been renewed and that his sidekick Ray D'Ariano had been given the time slot, so he urged listeners to complain to the station. When the show went to commercial, Sales was replaced by the station's program director, who played music for the rest of the allotted time.

I remember that day! I was listening when it happened! I listened every day after that trying to figure out where he went, until they made the official announcement that he was gone.

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I remember when that happen to. Everything was happening all to once and then Ray stepped in.

Someone I knew thought that was staged so that Soupy could get out of his contract.

For all that Soupy represented he was still only human.

Soupy Sales did a few things on satellite radio recently, and was a guest on the Stern show just a couple of months ago. While I was too young to appreciate his impact, he was very entertaining.

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