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(no subject)

no floppy drive

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Wow, that's so 20th century!

Hehe. During our house cleaning project, i found our Old Hunk of Floppies. and i'm like..~pause~ Uh..do we even own a computer that takes floppies anymore??!! (out of 5 pc's in the house)..

After poking and prodding we found that 1 of them does still have a floppy drive. .. but anyway.. ~snerk~

Heh. Remember when the iMac was doomed to failure because of that?

Yeah, good times, good times...

And no SCSI! I'm never going to be able to use all of my old external drives or my CD writer. And no ADB! What will become of my favorite Apple Extended Keyboard II and my Kensington Thinking Mouse?

(Real concerns that I had at the time)

There's a bus adaptor for that!

(And I loved my Thinking Mouse. PC person: "Hah, your mouse only has one button!" Me: "Are you kidding, it's got six when you use chording." PC person: "Six? *head explodey*")

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