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(no subject)

I am MC of the “Google Vendor BoF” at LISA09.

Here’s how the planning meeting went:

“Ice cream?”
“Raffle prizes?”
“Ok, we’re ready!”

Did we miss anything?

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Have an ice cream for me. I'll miss seeing you this year.

ice cream accessories like - napkins? spoons? cones? -sprinkles?

hope to see you there....

1. Bigger room. No, really.
2. Specify when people sign up for the raffle they either HAVE to be there to win or don't. It was not clear last year and some people were unhappy.
3. May not be a bad idea to have a few googlers work on traffic flow - get people to move away from the cooler and bar once they get what they want. They always keep hanging around and it makes it impossible to get anything at first and messes with airflow.

And now that I've looked, as it's scheduled to be two hours long, that's a long time to hold people's interest if they want to be elsewhere for a Bof, yet still want to win the raffle. So you definitely should be clear on #2, and if people need to be there to win, having a time somewhere in there when it is would be good. It doesn't have to be spot-on - saying "between 9:30 and 10pm" can be sufficient - but not saying anything may make people sad.

See you in a few days!

Good point. I took your earlier feedback to the planning committee and we're going to be much more clear about whether or not you have to be there to win (sorry, I can't remember which it is. d'oh!)

It's okay, it's just important that everyone at the con knows what it is, so feelings don't get hurt. If you know you can't make it, then you can't make it. If you think you'll win even if you aren't there, then find that someone else got it because you were misinformed, then oops.

And yes, I'm such a nudge, I know it.

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