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Corzine endorsed by NYT and PI

...it’s looking increasingly likely that Corzine will beat Christie after all. And while some of that reflects Christie’s various personal issues, plus Corzine’s willingness to bring out the brass knuckles — as we say in New Jersey, you got a problem with that? — it also, I think, reflects the fact that Christie can’t explain what he would do differently. These days, the Republicans are the party of no ideas — and it shows.
You know, Christie still won't say what he'd cut, just he'd do everything different. This is a real-life replay of the SNL sketch where Tina Fea as Sarah Palin says, "We'd look around, decide what a mavrick would do, and do that."
It is no wonder why the New York Times as well as the Philly Inquirer both endorsed Corzine. NJ's biggest newspaper didn't endorse Corzine, but they didn't endorse Christie either.

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I'm surprised you haven't posted about this yet.

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