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(no subject)

Weird Al Yankovik actually writes the parodies THEN convinces the bands to write songs with serious lyrics for the music he wrote. It is tricky because since he only parodies top 40 hits, this makes him one of the biggest creator of top40 songs... all uncredited. If you think about it, it also means that since he wrote "Smells Like Nirvana", he actually worked with Kurt Cobain to pick the name of the band in hopes that years later he could release the song.

(this joke is not original... I just can't find the original reference)

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i remember an interview with nirvana and one of the guys said "you haven't made it until Weird Al parodies one of your songs"

It all started back in the 80s when Weird Al convinced Mennen to make a deodorant called Teen Spirit....

This is in the same bin with the theory that Jessica Fletcher (of Murder She Wrote) is a serial killer. Everywhere she goes, a dead body turns up.

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