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Why does my ENTIRE mac get so slow when iTunes syncs my iPhone?

Putting on my "psychic sysadmin" hat, I'm guessing that the USB driver is badly written. Possibly using a big giant lock or something that kicks out all other processes.

Am I the only one that senses this?

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I'm on a MBP 2.6GHz C2D, and at this very moment I have two 4th gen. iPod Nano's connected, one on each USB port on this MBP.

Syncing to both of them at the same time, the machine is still quite responsive.

Which Mac hardware are you on?

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It could be all the disk I/O is eating up CPU and isn't "nice'd". The sync has to check all your music, video, apps, etc (reading from your hard disk) and all the music on the iPhone (reading from your iPhone), and then write at the very least a "last sync'd on" message in a logfile, at worst more.

Particularly if you listen to podcasts, there's all that metadata about when you listened to it last, whether you listened to the whole thing, etc. And new downloaded podcasts.

I notice it but I think it's reasonable that a few gigs of info back and forth between an external device and lots of reads can cause that.

it could also be Bonjour.

Hmmm... I don't have this problem. Then again, I don't sync the music, only the other stuff. Maybe some part of the sync process is polling, rather than being interrupt-driven. No idea, really. Just guessing.

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To a PC user....iTunes is the devil.
It takes FOR-Fucking-Ever to load, and you can't run a damn thing else when it is running.

I kinda hate iTunes. Yet, I love my i-Pod.

For me, the biggest irritabilities lie around it wanting to bring up iPhoto in whatever window I'm in currently (rather than the one it was in last time) and then switching to the window with iTunes in it. After it's done this it goes back to being responsive.

I'll also echo cpj's comment on memory. When I had a work MBP, it was _so_fucking_slow_ (all the time, not just iTunes). Get 4GB and your life will improve significantly (turning off Google desktop apps helps too).

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