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Movies advertised on the Superbowl

Either these movies are so bad that in a last-ditch effort they have put ads on during the Superbowl, or they are so big-budget that they have to start the buzz waaaay before they open. I'm guessinging "Year One" is in that first category. Not sure about the others.
  • Year One
  • Fast and Furious 4
  • Land of The Lost
  • Star Trek
  • Pixar's "Up"
  • Dreamworks "Monsters vs. Aliens"
  • Race to Witch Mountain
  • Transformers II
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  • Angels and Demons
What say you? Update: Corrected some typos.

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"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" also had an add on the Super Bowl.

Out of your list 3 of them are supposed to be good:

Star Trek
Pixar's "Up"
Transformers II

Not sure if it's about the budget, but Pixar and Dreamworks always tend to start the advertising machine for their computer animated movies very early. I was seeing posters and advertisements for "Monsters vs Aliens" as early as October, and when I went to the theater last (December?) there was a preview for "Up" (and both Wall-E and Cars had pretty contentless teaser previews as much as a year ahead of time).

Fast and the Furious III and Transformers II actually looked good to me. GI Joe looked alright. The others, bleh!

Edited at 2009-02-02 01:54 pm (UTC)

it should be pointed out that the new movie will actually be Fast and the Furious 4.

I saw an ad for "Angels and Demons" as well.

Movies that looked awful to me:
Year One
Land of the Lost
Monsters vs. Aliens
Race to Witch Mountain

Movies that looked full of cool special effects that would definitely appeal to those watching the Super Bowl:
Fast and Furious III
Star Trek (although it doesn't look very Star Trek)
Transformers II
GI Joe

Wow. Did we really need a third Witch Mountain movie?
I mean, don't get me wrong I loved the first one as a kid.
But really?

I actually want to see "Up". ( I am a Pixar fan like that)

And wow.... G.I. Joe...... Another "Toy" move from my childhood. What's Next?

The trick to figuring out which movies the studios think are good is to look at the release date. If a studio thinks that a film is going to fill seats, it will open the film some time between mid-May and Memorial Day.

The earlier in the year a film is released, the higher the likelihood that if will stink.

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