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One question that stumps anti-abortionists

With a video to show how well it works.

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Dim anti-abortionists, anyway.

I've been asking anti-abortion protesters that for years (they were always picketing the Planned Parenthood where I used to get checkups). I've never gotten anything like that one woman in the video who says there should be a prison sentence. It was always "abortion is murder, but if you're REALLY SORRY then it's OK."

Awesome. Never had I seen the term, "God Bless You" so plainly mean "Fuck off!" when that hypocrite had to think.

We should also show them pictures of the unwanted children born of incest and rape. The pictures of them, and what their dead bodies looked like when they ended-up in an overworked foster care system and sent to an unfit foster home and starved, murdered, and neglected.

The problem with this approach is that most legislation making abortions illegal would criminalize the doctor's actions, not the patient's. Sending the doctors to jail shoots a big hole in this tactic and has the same effect of eliminating choice.

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True, although the anti-choice person would just say that the law should be written in such a way to eliminate culpability for accomplices.

Hi Tim!

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I don't see it as a huge red flag, and neither would they. The power of the argument is in its ability to make the pro-life people feel uncomfortable and to focus their attention on the realities of their position. If they can focus on the doctor side of things, they won't have to face the other side of the argument. Sure, you could ask questions like the ones above, but they'll just hand-wave those away and focus on criminalizing the behavior of doctors.

It's worth trying on individual adherents, but I don't think it will work as well as the OV implied.

From my point of view, this shows the (though certainly selected for quality of their response) protesters as rather reasonable. They aren't stumped; they just fail to be able to form coherent thoughts about grey areas on their own. However, when forced to think by this question, they express a clear understanding that eliminating a fetus is much less grave than eliminating a baby or an adult life.

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