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Today is DEC 20

Do something 36 times.

(if you get this joke, you are a nerd and old)

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Well, I thought I knew enough to figure it out, but not if it's 36 rather than 32.

The DEC-20 was a 36-bit machine. Yes, 36.

Yeah, DEC occurred to me, but I thought I thought better of that ans went with assembly decrement.

Who are you calling old, youngster!

Damned straight! Tom isn't even old enough to get that joke on his own... if he hadn't witnessed us dredging these stores out of our core memories.

Hey, at least I've lived long enough to get old. :P

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(Deleted comment)
do you know about

in that the fundraiser i ran last night, on 12/20 had a 36 dollar minimum cover.

I miss Chip and Dale, my beloved sources of TOPS-20, and they've been gone almost twenty years. (sigh)

I actually got that. Never worked on a DEC 20, but I did write code for its predecessor, a DEC 10. I guess that makes me older than old.

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