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World Leaders Won't Shake George Bush's Hand

How sad.

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It looks to me like it was George who failed to offer his hand, not the other way around. They guys in the back row seemed to shake hands with anyone who offered their hand. George didn't offer his hand once.

Exactly. This was very noticeable because everyone in the 2nd row who's walking in has their right hand closest to the camera, so each of them has to turn to extend their hand. Bush isn't even *looking* at the people, he's looking down and straight, as if he's worried he might trip.

If he had turned to one person, just one, and gracefully (or not) made up for the fact that they did not extend their hand, that'd be one thing...but he doesn't even *try*.

He'd already introduced and shook hands earlier in the day. The US is hosting the G20, and W met all the leaders before.

I'm no Bush fan, of course, but this is not what it seems.

Maybe he didn't have an hand sanitizer with him.

With him looking down like that he looks like a sad little boy who doesn't know what to do with himself. He didn't offer his hand...probably because he was trying not to trip or something. Also, the backrow folks didn't offer their hands, either. I get the impression that's the way it was supposed to go.

I loathe that moron, but he looks...sad, almost lost. But, honestly I think that is reading way too much into it.

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