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Conventional Wisdom Replay

CW sez, "Obama won't be elected because everyone is mocking him for suggesting that we keep our tires inflated."

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And more bad CW about the election:
- He'll lose Florida and Michigan because of the battle over whether or not to count their delegates.
- He'll lose because Latinos didn't support him in the primary.
- He'll lose because he has a "Jewish problem".
- He'll lose because women are upset about Hillary losing.

I actually calculated that for the average non-alaskan taxpayer-driver, proper tire inflation saves more money than the amount of money they'd see in return from drilling in ANWR (on the order of $20/year).

My favorite CW failure is that Obama would lose because he didn't respond directly to a lot of the racist/fear/religious/classist/name-calling garbage that was being thrown at him. Instead of paying attention to these trolls, he stayed on message. Repeatedly.

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