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I resist using 'pussy' as a slur because, well, i like pussy.

especially boys with a pussy!

I realize my parents exposed me to some unconventional movie choices as a kid but I thought the leather daddy caricature was played for laughs even when we were quite young. Likewise I thought most mildly sophisticated adults were in on the Village People "joke".

Meanwhile, one of the idiots at the American "Family" Association thinks the Medal of Honor is being given to too many pussies. (Apparently "heal the sick" Jesus gets out of pussy-dom because he vanquished sin.)



If McCance kills himself after being bullied for making the statements he did ...

... how should all the anti-bullying yayas feel? Did they succeed? Did they fail?

I think I love you.

From a person with a pussy who ain't no pussy.

Thank you for writing it...

I thought most everybody back then knew or at least suspected that the members of the Village People were gay. I knew, and I was rather sheltered.

Using the term "pussy" as an insult is basically saying "You are a man who is acting like a woman, and everyone knows women are weak."

Of course, the people who call men pussies are usually ones I can knock into next week without even using my cane.

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